Red Dwarf X: Entangled Review

Rimmer: Exactly. Because, who was truly to blame for that accident? The man or the system?

By Will Barber – Taylor

After Lister loses Rimmer and Starbug in a game of poker, Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and The Cat go off in search of Lister’s former poker mates. However, things do not go quite to plan and soon the gang are in desperate search of a scientist who specifies in getting things wrong so that they can stop Lister’s groin exploding.

Entangled gets off to a fine start. Like many episodes of Red Dwarf before it, Entangled connects two completely different storylines and makes them work into a normal and straightforward ending. The script is not as funny as the previous episode but the scene in which Kryten and The Cat become entangled so that they say almost everything in unison is funny. The joke does get worn out by the end but it works well when it is introduced. The ending is a tad premature, the scientist is about to go on a date with Rimmer before she is accidently flung out of an airlock. This makes the ending feel rushed because we expect another scene or something else to happen.  Unfortunately, the credits roll and we are left with a bitter sense of disappointment.  Apart from that, it is generally funny particularly the costumes of the Genetically Engineered Life Forms (GELF). They look very 80s and very silly but again that is what Red Dwarf is really about: something that looks like it’s from the 80’s and is a bit silly.

Robert Llewellyn is brilliant as Kryten. Llewellyn excels mainly in the scenes in which he is entangled with The Cat. The timing is perfect and demonstrates how good the acting of both actors is.  However, Llewellyn is the better of the two. His reactions to the fact The Cat is speaking at the same time as him is hilarious at first, particularly in the hand gestures which reminded me of a worried cat trying to swat a wasp away. Entangled has its faults and it may not be the best of the series but it is extremely watchable.


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