The great crossover debate

I hate crossovers. This is a pretty risky thing for any sc-fi fan to do. Because crossovers are really fan fodder. They are designed by fans, for fans and aimed at fans. Fans dream of the day Batman will team up with the Ponds, or that time The Tenth Doctor and Sherlock battled The Master and Moriarty. The whole point is most crossovers are their to satisfy fans. They don’t have proper stories and they will never happen. Like Star Trek and Doctor Who well meet to battle the Borg and The Cybermen? Hah. Will never happen. Or so I thought. Recently IDW announced they where doing a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover. My heart fell. So now the people who are responsible for these brands are bowing before a few fans who get over excited about Potter meeting Who? Have I been too harsh? Are all crossover ideas that bad? Well yes and no. If I’m honest I would love to see Sherlock and The Doctor to team up (as long as the Ponds aren’t their though, they would spoil it. : ) and do battle against whatever creature they can find.

The reason I feel Matt Smith and Benny Thundersnatch (That’s Blogtor Who’s name for him anyway. Sorry for stealing it Blogtor!) is that they are both great actors and they would work well in a nice little none canon CIT special. I’m still firm though that any other crossovers wouldn’t work.  For instance take the idea of a Harry Potter Doctor Who crossover. Doctor Who is fundamentally a sc-fi show. Science is part of it. Magic does not exist. Magic is baloney. So how would it work if The Doctor ends up in a place where you can just magic yourself up nearly anything? Exactly. It wouldn’t. The same goes for the idea that The Doctor and Merlin should meet. Merlin is a great series, but it is based on magic. Doctor Who is magical but it is not based on magic. So the whole idea has to be scrapped because it could never work. Again it just proves crossovers are a fan thing (yes I’m a hypercritical fan, but please continue to read it does get better.)

So we can really rule out any chance of a Doctor Who meet Merlin situation. Now we come to the two big ones: Star Trek and Star Wars.  I have to be honest now. Even though I hate the idea of this, a Star Trek and Doctor Who cross over is more plausible than a Sherlock crossover. Start Trek is a show set in space, science is at its heart. The same with Star Wars.  There is nothing stopping them from doing a comic book or episode where Darth Vader tries to take the TARDIS apart and use it to build a new death star.  So yes these ones are unlike Potter and Merlin plausible. What about say then, shows like Lost, Primeval or even Alien? Well Lost is and obvious no-no. I mean come on they all die. End off. Primeval is also really a no- no. Because it would mean going to another universe and The Doctor has closed the gap between all the universes. It can’t be on our version of Earth because surely UNIT or Torchwood would know about the Arc and would have mentioned it by now. Also the Arc would not be needed anyway. They would also be dealing with the dino’s not Ben Miller.

What about Alien then? Well really Alien is the more plausible. Alien is set in the future and does not involves present day Earth. Also Alien has a basis in science.  So Alien is more likely than say Primeval or Merlin. What about Ashes to Ashes? From what I have gathered Ashes to Ashes seems like a popular choice amongst fans. Now obviously this won’t happen because like Lost this series is over. But another reason this could not happen, is Doctor Who is mentioned as being fictional in an episode of Life on Mars the predecessor of this series. Also, the fact that in the final episode of Ashes to Ashes it is revealed everyone is in a type of limbo, then even the good Doctor could not save them (even if they had wanted to be.)  Ah well.

So what does this mean? Sc-fi can only cross over with other sc-fi? No. For instance if enough people wanted it Doctor Who could quite easily crossover with Robin Hood. Nothing in either series’ plots to stop that from happening. But I shall now come back to my original point. Crossovers can in certain series be done but I still feel horror towards them. They don’t feel right. I love and enjoy both Cracker and Dirk Gently but I in no way want them to meet. It wouldn’t work. Maybe I’m a cynic but,  can you not love two things and keep them separate? Why do sc-fi fans feel they need two or more of their heroes to meet?

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