Mr Dacre’s Big Idea

Paul Dacre

Mr Dacre was not in a happy mood. He had done his best to destroy the Labour party but those bloody  leftie, Marxist, probably homosexual (because Mr Dacre thought if you  found anyone with a beard inspiring it must mean you are queer) , evil, anti-British, black friendly twits were still going. How could he get rid of them? How could he show the poor misguided foolish public that Conservatism was the way forward? Mr Dacre thought. He thought so hard it made his brain hurt. So he went for a lie down on his deluxe lazy boy chair. While having his mid afternoon nap, Mr Dacre had a dream. The dream was that he was pissing on a grave. The grave had the name Miliband on it. Mr Dacre immediately awoke from his dream.  He began to scribble down some notes for the next issue of the paper.

Several days later, when the latest edition of that wonderful newspaper, The Daily Mail, was published Mr Dacre went online. He was appalled to find people criticising his attack on a dead leftie man that had done not harm to him. How could this be? Did they not see that he was simply trying to show the people the true way forward? Mr Dacre sighed. Some people. Maybe it was time that he ran another piece about the evils of Islam? Yes, he decided, it was.

The End


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